Why Guys Like Asian Girls - Anna Akana

Everyone needs to watch this video. Now.

100% on point especially about men thinking that having “yellow fever” is a compliment and we’re supposed to be flattered by it. It’s the #1 way to parade around your blatant racism.

I want to be friends with her!

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30 Days of Figure Skating: Day 28

Favorite & least favorite costume

Best figure skating costume ever

For this season only

Mao Asada’s Piano Concerto costume is the winner of this season’s costumes.

It’s ok, Adelina’s known for having the most atrocious costumes…

We’ve been compared and have competed for so long, and it seems like there won’t be that competition between us again. I think I’ll remember her the most. I don’t think there are many skaters like us two, who were constantly being compared.” (x)

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YAS Yuna Kim Mao Asada


Just an appreciation post for some really amazing women of color that are incredible athletes.

Kyla Ross, Michelle Wie, Marta Vieira da Silva, Serena Williams, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Mao Asada, Sydney Leroux, Li Na, Gabrielle Douglas

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30 Days of Figure Skating: Day 25

The quad. Give your opinion.

It’s awesome. It’s beautiful when well executed. I still love it when skaters fall on it. It’s just so technically challenging and cool that the human body can move like that all with just the aid of two thin blades and be expected to land 4 rotations on a single thin blade.

Anyone who is against the quad is against the sport moving forward and evolving.

30 days of figure skating quad